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An ancient character artist, Kodai Moji.  “天 遊 TEN-YOU “

Began apprenticeship under a leading Kodai Moji Calligrapher Mr. Koho Kato.
After she became an independent artist, she received tremendous support from other artists, and she was invited to several events in Japan and overseas.
To introduce the pleasure of expressing the charms of letters by using one’s full body, she started Kodai Moji Artist group ”TEN-YOU GUMI.”
Through encounters with people all around her, she developed interest in expanding her works outside of Japan. While she was contemplating the expansion, she experienced the 3.11 Earthquake.
She remembered that Life is a gift. Her goal is to share this insight which for her embodies Kodaii Moji with “Awe of Nature” in a way of adapting the Japanese traditional technique of arts and craft.


pro_022007 Became an independent calligrapher, TEN- YOU. Heading Kodai Moji Artist Group, TEN-YOU GUMI at Temple Dojyo.

2008 During one month, Ten-you First exhibition at Tokyo. And more exhibition.

2009 First one-man show in Tokyo. A talk-show with a great master of art director, Katsumi Asaba. It became a topic.

2010 Opened the second studio, “遊庵、Yuu An“.
Students can experience and learn seal-engraving, Kanji history etc. with ease.

2011 After 3.11 Earthquake, Workshop for Children was offered in Fukushima Prefecture and Getting offers for exhibitions from overseas locations such as New York and France.


2012 The renowned fashion blogger Garance Dore , associated with Dior, to visit TEN-YOU from New York and offered to write the Kodai Moji on the bag of Dior. The number of visitors from abroad to experience Kodai Moji has been increasing since then.

2013 To Support Assistance to Affected Area, she goes to San Francisco

2014 A one-man show at the Tokyo American Club gallery in Tokyo and made a mobilization record. She showed the new works taken in Japanese traditional crafts such as Urushi lacquer or the stucco.

2015 The new collaboration of Kodai Moji and traditional crafts is turned up. And it would spread its works to the worldwide.

Overseas Exhibitions

2007 “Anti Nuke Exhibition” at Japanese Embassy in New Zealand

2009 “Poem and Calligraphy” in France sponsored by French Army

2010 “A one-man show” in Barcelona , Spain Japanese Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark

2011 “XX Art “, “YAMATO le JAPON en Touraine ” Exhibition in France
An official artist at “Japan Day@Central Park2011” in New York.

2013 San Francisco (UC Berkeley, College of Sanmatio and more…)

2014 Atlanta ,Japanese Embassy in San Francisco, Amsterdam



2009 Selected to Belgium Letter Art Exhibition.

2010 Three works selected to Finale International Art Exhibition in Paris
Amana Images Obtained an exclusive contract with a major Japanese stock-photo-site.
Artist No.02604