TEN-YOU & TEN-YOU GUMI 5th Anniversary Exhibition

TEN-YOU & TEN-YOU GUMI, ancient character artist group.
5th Anniversary Exhibition “THE LINE”

What is Ancient Characters?
About 3,300 years ago, in the Shang Dynasty in China,the communications between God and King were recorded with sacred characters, which were also called divination.
They are the origins of current Chinese characters, “Kanji” .
In those days the Heaven and the Earth were connected with a ladder,God was found everywhere and people accepted the nature, life and death in awe.
Such ancient spirits are symbolized by Ancient characters.
The roots of tens of thousands of modern Japanese “Kanji” are certainly found in the 3,000 characters.

Exhibition DAY:Oct 6(sat)- 9(tue) 10:00~17:00 (Free)

17:30~ Charity Talk & Live Performace for Fukushima (Charged)

Talk & Live Performace – 1st Night
Oct 6(sat) 17:30~  Ticket  ¥2,500
KENJI UENO  (Professor Emeritus Kyoto University – Mathematician)   × TEN-YOU

Talk & Special Live  – 2nd Night
Oct 7(sun) 17:30~  Ticket  ¥2,500
JUNKO HARA with Kano Osuke  (Singer)   ×   TEN-YOU
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Talk & Live Performace – 3rd Night
Oct 8 (mon) 17:30~  Ticket  ¥3,500

PLACE:Nippori Tennoji Temple Jyozendo Hall
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